Golden Bottle Trust

The original leather bottle

The Golden Bottle Trust (GBT) was established by the Partners of the bank in 1985 to donate money to a wide range of causes including:

  • Arts
  • Community
  • Education
  • Wildlife
  • Health
  • The Developing World

Each year, the Partners give some of the bank's profits to the Golden Bottle Trust, both to support charities in that year and to create a reserve to support future giving. The trustees have agreed that up to 25% of the fund should be made in social investments.

The aim is to deploy some of the Trust’s invested capital for positive social impacts as well as financial return.

The latest information on the Golden Bottle Trust and the causes supported is available in its Annual Review.

Annual Review

The Golden Bottle Trust also supports our staff participating in the bank's Give As You Earn (GAYE) scheme by double-matching their donations to charities.

Today, over 40% of our staff participate in the GAYE scheme.