Investment Philosophy

Using our independence for your advantage

Wealth brings opportunities but also challenges and complexities, especially when it comes to investing. With this in mind, you may want an investment manager who considers your whole financial picture and has the technical expertise to create the most appropriate solution, keeping your best interests at the forefront of the entire process. As independent wealth managers, we designed our service to provide our customers with these assurances.

We have chosen not to manage our own funds, and this unbiased and unrestricted perspective enables us to choose only those investments that are suitable for you and are justified on merit.

We do not believe that any one investment house can have the breadth of expertise required to perform well in all areas of the market and in all economic conditions.  We concentrate our resources on identifying the best fund managers in each sector of the market, including large well-known managers and more specialist boutiques.

Individual fund managers often lack consistency in their performance, but their investment biases are more predictable.  We look to take advantage of these tendencies by selecting those funds that should perform well in a particular environment.

The market does not stand still and neither do we.  We believe in active management and are continually looking for opportunities.  We have no financial incentive to make unnecessary trades and, as such, will adjust your portfolio accordingly only if we believe it will enhance returns or reduce risk.

Liquidity and transparency are also important to us and to our customers.  We will not invest in funds or other instruments that have insufficient visibility or that cannot be sold within a reasonable timeframe.