Manuscript of the Month

Each month the bank publishes an article inspired by the archives, delving deeper into the story and often finding similarities with today's events.

October 15 'Fund for the Circassians, 1864'

September 15 'City Walk'

August 15 'Log book for Yacht Surprise, 1878'

July 15 'Richard Hoare's Apprenticeship, 1665'

June 15 'Subscription for the Relief of the Wounded Sufferers and the Families of those who fell in the Battle of Waterloo, 1815'

May 15 'Chelsea Election: The Final Contest, satirical print, 1868'

April 15 'A Calculation of the Great Eclipse of the Sun'

March 15 Portrait of Henry Hoare jnr by an unknown artist, c. 1775'

Feb 15 'Subscription account re the Spitalfields Soup Society, 1838'

Jan 14 'Letter by Harry Hoare, written at Mena House, Cairo, 1893'

Dec 14 'Raincliff homestead near Timaru, New Zealand, c.1890'

Nov 14 'Richard Hoare's New Masheen Charet'

Oct 14  'Mitcham Savings Bank'

Sept 14 'Field Marshal Wade's Proclamation'

Aug 14 'One Pound Note'

July 14 'Festival of the City of London'

June 14 'Staplehurst Train Crash'

May 14 'Lady Frances Bruce'

April 14 'Signature of Sir John Goodricke Bt'

March 14 'Subscription account re Sufferers at Sidmouth Storm'

Feb 14 'Articles of Partnership re Messrs Hoare and Arnold'

Jan 14 'King George's Public Entry into London'

Dec 13 'Eton Ramblers'

Nov 13 'Letter from Capt Robert Fitzroy'

Oct 13 'Diamond account'

Sept 13 'Abbotsford Subscription'

Aug 13 'Harry Hoare's Pocket Game Register'

July 13 'Computerisation'

June 13 'Edward VII's Coronation'

May 13 'Boodle's Fete'

April 13 'Small Pox Hospital'

March 13 'Marriage Settlement 1783'

Feb 13 'Jane Austen'

Jan 13 'Surrey Iron Railway'