Master Charitable Trust

The Master Charitable Trust (MCT) was launched in 2011. It is a Donor Advised Fund, which provides you with an easy, cost effective and tax efficient way to donate to charity. It has proved to be a popular service for many of our customers.

As a donor, you can name your own Giving Fund, subject to the Trustee’s approval, make an initial lump sum contribution through cash, shares or other assets and add to it as you wish.

You have the option to leave your funds in cash or choose to invest them with our team of dedicated Portfolio Managers or alternatively with a third party. This could potentially increase the funds available to donate in the future.

Donors can increase their contribution by Gift Aid benefits which are processed by the Trustee, claim extra relief if they are higher or additional rate tax payers and recommend grants to UK Charities or for worldwide charitable purposes.

All donations are verified by the Trustee to ensure they meet the charitable purposes criteria. You can also choose to leave a legacy for your Giving Fund by electing a successor. The minimum balance to create a Giving Fund is £250,000 with a minimum single donation of £250.

To emphasise the success of this initiative, in March 2012 the Master Charitable Trust was awarded the ‘Best Investment Product or Service Innovation’ by Private Asset Management Insight Wealth Management Awards.