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Japan was the best performing major stock market in 2013. We discuss some of the key elements and what they mean for Japanese equities and for the economy in 2014.Read more

December 2013

The Chancellor delivered the Autumn Statement on 5th December. This was against the now familiar background of austerity measures, although retrospective figures indicated that the UK had not, in fact, experienced a double dip recession.Read more

Jigsaw Puzzle House

In this article we discuss the history and current rationale of the 'home bias puzzle' and explore whether it may be more appropriate for some investors to invest without a bias.Read more

Eton Ramblers Cricket team 1912

As the second Ashes Test gets underway in Adelaide, this photograph conjures up memories of another cricket match, one played over a century earlier.Read more

December 2013
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We have written to all our customers who have told us about their pension arrangements to remind them about the recent significant changes to pension legislation, specifically the reduction in the lifetime allowance.

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