25th Feb 2016
Bank sign on building

Ongoing concerns about the state of the global economy have once again come to the fore, resulting in turmoil in European banks. The financial crisis of 2008 exposed the vulnerable positions that banks had got themselves into; bad loans, complicated financial engineering and an insufficient...Read more

24th Feb 2016

On Thursday 23rd June, the nation will be asked: "Should the UK remain a member of the European Union (EU) or leave the European Union?" David Cameron fired the starting gun on campaigning last weekend as he returned from Brussels with an agreement from the EU to change certain terms of the UK’s...Read more

Bank of England

Last week saw the Bank of England (BoE) give its latest missives on the UK economy.  The policy committee members continue to ponder the impact of a difficult global environment on the UK economy, an economy that is one of the most prone to the vagaries of other regions.  The BoE chose to reduce...Read more

28th Jan 2016

As the US dollar approaches its highest level since 2002 relative to a trade-weighted basket of other global currencies, we must question how much further it is likely to rise and the potential impact of a change in direction.Read more

26th Jan 2016

Last week we saw China publish an economic growth rate of 6.9% for 2015.  This was in line with financial market expectations and marginally below the Chinese state’s official target.Read more