Our History

A long and enduring history

C. Hoare & Co. is the sole survivor of the private deposit banks which were established in the 17th and 18th centuries. The bank has been owned and directed by members of the Hoare family since it was founded by Richard Hoare in 1672.

sketches of the fleet street building

In the days before street numbering, businesses were identified by signs. Richard Hoare traded at the 'Sign of the Golden Bottle' in Cheapside.

In 1690 he moved the business to new premises in Fleet Street within the City of London, the site of today’s Head Office.

Since then, a number of key events have shaped the bank's long and interesting history. This has been brought to life by a timeline of events which you can access via the link below.

We also publish monthly articles from the bank's archives which provide an interesting insight in to the business at different moments in time.


Manuscript of the Month

If you wish to request access to support historical research, please contact: archivist@bpbeservice.com