Trusts and Estates Planning

Whether you are interested in making long-term plans for your estate, or are involved in the administration of an estate or trust, you are likely to benefit from the specialist advice of someone who will take the time to understand the situation and your priorities.  We are flexible to suit your requirements and will work with you either solely or jointly with other family members.

We offer trust and executor services through our wholly owned trust corporation, Messrs Hoare Trustees.  We can provide professional administration of trusts and estates, combined with unbiased advice on overall wealth planning and expertise in the management of assets.

We offer bespoke advice on succession and inheritance tax planning.  This may include the drafting of Wills, while we are also happy to act as executors.  If appointed as trustee, we can arrange for trust documents to be prepared for you, and we can advise on the most suitable structure, including charitable trusts.  If you are interested in giving to charities, we can help you establish an effective giving strategy.  This may involve setting up your own foundation or making use of our Master Charitable Trust, either of which would enable you to retain control over what funds you put in and how they are invested and subsequently distributed.

Wealth Planning

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